SerieXL v1

by Freaking Wildchild

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Travel beyond the end of the world and meet *Nightboy*, *Troyboy* at any given day through the *Rage of 1976* to find the ever glowing *DragonFireFly* to be running away from day to night beyond the *Conflated Sunshine*.

You'll meet the *Turning Point* of deep trance and lounge while getting the true kick with 100% techno enhanced *Technolium* to *Peskiez* those neighbours! This all created in the studio of *Freaking Wildchild*!

If this text didn't get you to higher grounds yet, this music sure will!

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released November 11, 2009

Freaking Wildchild


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Freaking Wildchild Belgium

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Track Name: Nightboy
10 am So warm …
11 am Oh that sun…
Noon … I awake
13 hunderd I’m hungry
14 hunderd Oh my head
15 hunderd I’m still hungry
16 hunderd Let’s take a shower
17 hunderd Oh that feels good!
18 hunderd Oh that was a good shower!
19 hunderd I’m starving!
20 hunderd What a good burger! Nice salad too!
21 hunderd Regenerate!
22 hunderd I feel a lot better again!
23 hunderd Oh yeah! It’s almost time!
00 hunderd NightBoy!
He who wanders around the night,
Loves the moon more than the sunlight!
The night is still young …
till the end of the night that moon will stay bright!
Track Name: Control Hypnotica
Sleepy, Richard Frohlich
Track Name: Lost Music Generation
lost musical generation

I’m part of this possessive and lost generation
I failed to believe
Whatever I see
When I look around

To hear around me, whatever I hear
Everyone is telling me I need to be
Because, we adults learn to fear
That, I was once young, innocent and naïve

That we used to tell each other
to share with the others
But we are taught
It’s illegal to do
To push aside
That which we can forget
Our own world, created with our minds

The smallest thing
Happiness lies in
Whatever a kid can get
In our ever working society.

With laughter, singing and dancing,
Through art, sounds and music,
beating to survive,
something of many,
You will be moved with
joy and pain!

That which they tell me
It is all lost
That legacy of our ancestors
All that art of the past
In the future
It will not be
passed along
It is important, that to be
obsessively possessed by few on this planet

It’s Kicking and alive, Connecting us all
Ready to be milked for the next decade to come
Music is not
To be an part of life

Forget the talents
And most important! Do not
Respect talent
Reverse your future
Do not fight
Because if you
You will lose your future generation!